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Woven Lanyards Add Style and Elegance

Rick Cundiff - Jul 22, 2019
Woven Lanyards Add Style and Elegance

f you want a traditional style and classic look for your custom lanyards, woven lanyards are the answer. Unlike printed lanyard styles, woven lanyards use an embroidery-like process to weave your text or logo directly into the fabric. It’s an outstanding way to promote your brand.

What Makes Woven Lanyards Great?

Custom lanyards are an outstanding way to promote your brand. Woven lanyards offer a classic style that’s ideal for simple text or logos. Because of their way the text or image is woven into the material, intricate fonts or logos won’t be legible.

If you do have an uncomplicated message, it will look great on woven lanyards. The weaving process, similar to embroidery, gives the text or logo a classic, timeless look.

And small wonder. Embroidered art has been a mainstay of civilization for centuries. The elaborate stitching embroidery practitioners use requires both patience and practice. Hand-stitched embroidery is truly a form of fine art.

Now obviously, we’re not claiming your mass-produced, machine-stitched lanyards will approach fine art, but they do have a certain elegance to them that other styles lack. The look and feel of woven lanyards is similar to that of embroidery.

Our woven lanyards are made of durable, comfortable polyester. You can count on them to keep I.D. badges, key cards, and other small items close at hand. And the lettering will remain crisp and legible for years to come.

You can count on The-Lanyard-Factory.com for outstanding service and unbeatable prices too. We’re committed to your total satisfaction with your lanyard order. We don’t charge for artwork or revisions, and we will match or beat any price on identical custom woven lanyards.

So what are you waiting for? If you’d like more information about woven lanyards, or any other style, we’re here to help. Call us – toll-free – at 866-289-8828 or email us at [email protected]. Or fill out our no-obligation Free Quote form, and we’ll email you a free digital proof of your custom lanyard design. We look forward to serving all your custom woven lanyard needs!