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Personalized Lanyard Styles

The perfect style for the perfect lanyard

At The-Lanyard-factory.com, we know how to make an impression. We enable you, our valued customer, to design every aspect of your personalized lanyards. Attachments, materials, graphics, text, font, badge holders and imprints – it’s all up to you. When you need a personalized lanyard keychain for a company or upcoming event, you don’t want to settle for someone else’s basic template. When you order from The-Lanyard-factory.com, you know that you'll be able to create personalized breakaway lanyards or personalized lanyards for keys that are one-of-a-kind. Personalized lanyards with names are another popular option. Given the sheer number of design elements that you can pick from and we can implement, your name-bearing lanyard will be as unique as its recipient.