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Why We Offer Free Safety Breakaways

Rick Cundiff - Jul 23, 2019
Why We Offer Free Safety Breakaways

If you’re browsing our website, you’ll see we offer a range of optional attachments for your custom lanyards. Many are free. We offer some at a nominal extra cost. There’s one add-on we never charge for – safety breakaways.

Why? Because we believe they’re too important. We don’t want anyone omitting these lifesaving devices just to save a few pennies per lanyard.

“Lifesaving”? Really? Isn’t that an exaggeration?

No. In the wrong environment, without a safety breakaway, it’s possible for a lanyard wearer to be injured or killed.

Lanyards are a terrific way to hold key cards, I.D. badges and other small items, keeping them close at hand. But around running machinery, or potentially hostile or disturbed people, safety breakaways can literally be the difference between life and death.

Look, we don’t like to think about such possibilities, either. But they’re real, and it’s best to think about them in advance. Better “what could happen?” than “how did this happen?”

There’s no mystery to how breakaways work. They’re normally held together by friction, enabling the lanyard to be worn. But if they’re pulled, snagged or jerked, the two pieces pop open and the lanyard flies away from the wearer.

That protects the wearer from being pulled into a machine or strangled by the lanyard itself. Once the emergency is over, the breakaway can be snapped back together, allowing the lanyard to be worn once again.

On the factory floor, typically a single breakaway is enough. The lanyard pops free, and there’s no other threat. But in a medical or detention facility, workers might need the added protection of multiple breakaways.

With multi-breakaway, if a patient, inmate or suspect grabs the lanyard after the initial breakaway, the lanyard keeps breaking into smaller pieces. As the segments keep breaking, the strangulation hazard of the lanyard is eliminated.

Not everyone needs safety breakaways, of course. In an office setting, or with adult students, for example, lanyards can be perfectly safe without them. But ask yourself, what’s the harm in having them? They’re free, and they add an extra margin of safety to your organization.

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