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When You're Ready to Order, We're Here

Rick Cundiff - May 6, 2020
When You're Ready to Order, We're Here

We all know these are not normal times. The threat of Covid-19 overshadows every aspect of our lives at the moment, including business. And while we’d certainly like to sell you lanyards right now, we know custom promotional products are hardly your greatest concern.

The thing to keep in mind is that this current emergency will eventually end. This is not forever. Businesses will reopen, as will schools, religious institutions, government offices and more.

And The-Lanyard-Factory.com is committed to being there for our customers. When your organization is ready once again to order custom lanyards, badge reels, ID badge holders, or any of the other products we sell, we’ll be prepared to serve your needs, just as we are today.

You’ve come to know us for top quality products, outstanding customer service and unbeatable prices on custom lanyards of all styles. That hasn’t changed. When business picks up again and you want to boost your marketing efforts, we’re ready to go.

In fact, if you’d like to get a head start on your competitors, now is a great time to order promotional lanyards. It might look pretty quiet now, but eventually trade shows, conventions and conferences will return. When they do, why not be prepared with giveaway products to promote your logo or brand?

Call us toll-free or fill out our no-obligation Free Quote form when you’re ready to order. Together, we will play our part in making our economy strong again.