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Top 7 Benefits of Custom Printed Lanyards for Your Business

The Hoth - Sep 30, 2019
Top 7 Benefits of Custom Printed Lanyards for Your Business

Have you thought about ways to make your business stand out and rise above the rest? One of the best ways to build up your business is with custom printed lanyards.

Why? Because they're not only useful, but they add credibility and status. If you're interested in learning more, keep reading.

Why Have Custom Printed Lanyards?

When you think of a lanyard, your first thought might be a string people hang around their neck and clip a name tag to. Although that's an option, it's by far the simplest and least effective option.

Lanyards are a valuable accessory and should get treated as such. You wouldn't wear a diamond necklace on a fourteen-mile hike. Neither should you add any ordinary lanyard to your business.

1. Clean and Professional

At a conference, an easy way to tell which people are official and which people are there for fun is to see whether they're wearing a lanyard.

Lanyards are simple and carry a lot of weight.

When people see a high-quality lanyard with your company name and logo, it boosts your credibility. With a lanyard, you look less like a random person starting a conversation, and more like a professional trying to do business.

2. Boost That Brand

When you have conversations with people and they see your lanyard, it instantly offers information. Your company name gets spread that way and becomes something people can remember.

If you're at a conference or event, research shows that people need to see something at least seven times before it makes a lasting impact. This is called the Rule of Seven.

Let's say you have 20 people at a conference, each wearing an official lanyard. A conversation can count for one encounter, a printed sign for another, maybe a verbal announcement for a third. But after that, it's your lanyards that will do the heavy lifting.

And if you have 20 people wearing them, that boosts your visibility chances and your professional look.

Every time someone passes another person wearing your brand's lanyard, it builds into that exposure. Why waste energy on pricey advertisements when custom printed lanyards are reusable, professional, and more efficient?

3. Customer Loyalty and Satisfaction

While winning new customers can be a challenge, retaining current customers doesn't have to be.

One way you can show your appreciation to your customers is by sending them a custom printed lanyard. Something that lets them know you're thinking about them and value their loyalty.

These type of lanyards don't have to look like an employee lanyard, but should showcase your brand in the same way. This allows for customers to feel a part of the company, without having the same access to things that employees may have.

Customer lanyards have a twofold effect. They boost customer morale, and continue to spread your brand!

4. Conversation Starter

When meeting new people, there are plenty of general things to talk about. One of the most helpful is asking people's occupation, at least in the United States. Be aware, however, that in other parts of the world, this can be considered a rude question. Know your audience!

With custom printed lanyards, you can not only talk about your career, but you can give people a visual of it. As a plus, if someone is curious about your career, the lanyard serves as a point of reference people can ask about.

Think about it. "What's that around your neck?"

"Oh, this is my company lanyard." Then you show it off and have the freedom to give details.

This helps create a healthier conversation because someone ASKED about your company, rather than you having to force the conversation to tell them about it.

5. Practicality

We haven't even gotten into the practical uses of a lanyard. And there are plenty!

On top of building your brand's credibility, a lanyard offers benefits that can help make the lives of employees and customers easier. And when they do, it makes your company look good.

Here we have a list of lanyard options and uses you may or may not have thought about.

With custom printed lanyards, you can create something that suits your company needs and goals best.

6. In-House Security

At your business, you want to make sure everything's up to code. One of those things might be security and access.

Depending on what you offer, you might not want customers or every employee to have access to certain things. This could be storage rooms, deposit places, or data centers.

With lanyards, you can help keep things safe and under lock and key. Or card key.

If you have a site where only employees should be, mandating a lanyard policy may be in your business's best interest. If someone not wearing a lanyard is in an area where they shouldn't be, staff can redirect them.

Plus, you can have specific card keys or barcodes imprinted on your lanyards, so only specific employees have access to certain doors and spaces.

7. Tokens to Remember

At the end of the day, lanyards can mean a lot to their wearers.

It's something people put somewhere safe and serve as a reminder and status icon for them. Whether they're getting ready to go to work, or returning from a wonderful conference, the lanyard is like their badge of honor.

Why settle for some simple, ordinary lanyard when you can give people the honor of wearing a custom printed one?

More on Custom Printed Lanyards

We hope our top seven reasons for why you should have custom printed lanyards gave you a few ideas. If you're looking for more, head over to our blog page where we post tons of content. We also have ideas and products to pair with lanyards to boost your company brand and morale even more.

If you don't see something there, feel free to contact us. We're more than happy to help find a way to meet all of your custom lanyard needs!