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Fun and Unique Lanyards: How to Use Lanyards for Your Business

The Hoth - Oct 21, 2019

When you're thinking about lanyards, you may conclude there's not a lot to discuss. They're only simple cords that carry around ID cards, right?

Actually, you can use lanyards for many different things. Some might even surprise you. Read on for some ideas on how to use unique lanyards for your business.

Different Types of Lanyards

There's only one type of lanyard, right? Wrong! Lanyards come in all different sizes, colors, and materials.

Here are some unique lanyard types to check out:

With such a variety to choose from, it's easy to find lanyards that match your business brand and budget. For example, at a trade fair, nylon lanyards will presenta a professional look, but might not be practical for everyday use. On the other hand, tubular lanyards could be more practical for heavy use.

Build on the Lanyard

Besides the lanyard cord, you also need to consider the attachment device. Here are some options:

The clip you choose depends on your plan for the lanyard. For instance, if it's a lanyard for a one-time event, a plastic hook will be sufficient. But if you need to use it on an everyday basis, you'll probably want something a bit more sturdy.

Lanyard badge reels are also super handy to have. They clip onto clothing and can extend in length, giving you maximum versatility.

What Are Lanyards For?

While most use lanyards for identification purposes, there are other, less common uses. These uncommon ways of using lanyards might be just what you need to get your business organized.

Check out these ideas for lanyard uses:

For Identification (Of Course!)

Whether you need identification for employees, guests, students or VIPs, lanyards are a handy way to see who's who. For example, in a crowded store, shoppers might search for staff members who can assist them. Brightly colored lanyards can distinguish who the employees are.

In large corporate buildings, you can use lanyards as part of a security system. Lanyards can identify employees from guests, and give clearance for particular areas. This simple security strategy helps maintain a safer workplace.

Employees can also use their lanyards to carry business cards and other important paperwork.

Lost Your Keys?

Are you always misplacing your keys? Keys are one of the top things people lose EVERY week! While losing your house keys or car keys may be an inconvenience, losing your work keys is a whole different matter.

Hanging your keys on a lanyard might be just what you need to save your keys. If you already use a lanyard for work, it's easy to use an extra attachment to clip on your keys.

The best lanyard for keys often includes a retractable badge reel. This means you can extend the cord and open locks without having to take the keys off the lanyard.

Never Lose a Pen Again

If you lose your keys regularly, you probably lose pens too! This can be frustrating when you're running around the office signing documents and filling in paperwork. Keep a pen on hand at all times by clipping it to a lanyard.

Off the Hook

Do you remember when tiny phones were all the rage? Long gone are the days of pocket-size technology. The latest smartphones boast huge screens, which means you might not be able to fit them in your pocket anymore.

Instead of walking around with your phone in your hand or attached awkwardly to your belt, use a lanyard. You can buy cellphone attachments that loop through a part of your phone and attach to the lanyard.

This is really handy if your job requires you to answer calls all day. Or if you need to use your hands for other work and can't be too far from your phone.

Tools on Hand

You might think lanyards are only handy for office work, but they can help other kinds of work too. A lanyard can carry anybody's work "tools" around their neck.

Maintenance personnel can carry small tools such as screwdrivers or Allen wrenches with them on their lanyards. Or a computer technician can carry lightweight computer repair tools.

The possibilities are endless. So use your imagination!

Walking Ads

While holding keys, pens, and tools is handy, one of the main lanyard uses is advertising. It's all about psychology. How so?

When people see your business name hanging around people's necks they will subconsciously take note. Then, when they're deciding which brand to choose in the future, they will gravitate toward your business. The more they see your branding, the more it'll become etched into their minds.

Yes, lanyards can be walking ads. Hand them out as promo gifts or have your employees wear them during:

And don't forget to encourage your employees to wear their lanyards every single workday. This means when they're traveling to and from work or heading out for lunch, they'll be advertising for you.

Yes, lanyards are a perfect way to spread the word about your company.

Where Can You Find Unique Lanyards?

Whether it's for identification, to hold your keys or for advertising purposes, lanyards are handy to have. Now that you know the many uses, what's next? You need to find unique lanyards that complement the tone of your business.

If you're looking for the best quality lanyards in the United States, you've come to the right place. So, don't wait a second longer, check out our shop now!