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Back to School Lanyards Add Security and Spirit

Rick Cundiff - Jul 23, 2019
Back to School Lanyards Add Security and Spirit

It’s summer vacation right now, but it’s never too soon to be thinking about back to school needs. If you’re an educator, consider how back to school lanyards can increase your facility’s security and boost school spirit at the same time.

Lanyards Make Carrying I.D.s Easy

Let’s face it, security concerns in today’s world make school I.D. cards or badges for students, faculty and staff a must. It’s crucial to be able to know fast who belongs in the building and who doesn’t.

Custom lanyards make it easy to carry I.D. cards and keep them visible. Lanyards are comfortable to wear, and unlike clip-on badge holders, are hard to lose. They’re an easy, economical solution to the question of how to keep I.D. badges convenient and effective. They make it easy to use I.D. cards for access control to restricted areas, computer access and other needs as well.

Custom Back to School Lanyards Promote School Spirit

Start the school year off right with a burst of school pride! Pass out custom lanyards imprinted with the school name, logo and mascot. Get students excited about the new year by promoting the wearing of lanyards and I.D. badges as a part of the school community. Make them a regular part of the dress code, and they’ll be accepted readily.

You know your students love to show their school pride. Whether on jackets, notebooks, stickers and just about everything, they show the school mascot proudly. Give them custom back to school lanyards and you’ll start the school year off on a positive note for all involved.

At The-Lanyard-Factory.com, we’ll be glad to help you select the perfect materials, options, colors and more for your custom lanyards. We can work with any budget, any order size. Just let us know, and we’ll make sure your back to school lanyards are the best you can get anywhere! Want to know more? Give us a call toll-free at 866-289-8828, or email us at [email protected]. We look forward to serving all your custom lanyard needs for the coming school year!