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3 Reasons to Market Your Art With Lanyards

Calder Dougherty - Jun 3, 2020
3 Reasons to Market Your Art With Lanyards

Now that festivals and conventions are out of the question for the foreseeable future, artists are exploring new ways to market their trade. From prints to patches and enamel pins, there are tons of ways to commodify your art. One product that often goes untapped is the lanyard. Full color, dye-sublimated lanyards are one of the easiest ways to get your art out to the public, and people are starting to catch on! Online marketplaces such as Etsy are a gold mine of ideas and ways you can use a lanyard’s shape and attachments to your design’s advantage. 

Still not convinced? Here’s why you should absolutely design a lanyard for your next piece of merchandise: 

High Visibility 

Let’s be honest. There is no better product placement than having your design hanging from someone’s neck for all to see. Most people think t-shirts are the pinnacle of the walking advertisement. We beg to differ. With your lanyard covering someone’s shirt, you win the war for visibility every time – especially with a unique, eye-popping design! It’s easy to create a conversation piece that will generate potential new fans and customers through word of mouth alone when your art is being worn out in the world. 

Cost Effective 

Lanyards are an inexpensive investment  that will help you maximize profit. For what you pay upfront for production, you’ll likely end up with triple or quadruple the profit in return. If you fund a design that ends up being a hit with your customers, you can use that to keep the ball rolling on multiple designs and really start raking it in! 

Great Giveaway 

Have a Patreon that needs perks? Want to host a giveaway to boost visibility and gain followers on social mediaOr better yet, why not make one of your designs into a lanyard to be donated for a cause, or to raise money and donate the proceeds? Full-print, dye-sublimated lanyards are a perfect way to not only capture your work and make it functional for everyday wear, but to thank your followers and give them something special and material to hang onto.  

Here are The Lanyard Factory, we offer an easy, full-service experience from design to delivery. Let our talented graphic artists help translate your artwork into a beautiful full-color lanyard that your fans will love and use every day. Get started now!